RateWatch #225 - (Bush/Gore)

November 18, 2000
by (Dick/Richard) Lepre

What's Happening?

The FOMC met and held rates. CPI was +0.2%. There is no sign fed hikes in the near future. I believe that we are at the end of the tightening cycle and once again we remind borrowers that we are forecasting a bottom in rate at the end on the 1st Q or beginning of the 2nd Q 2001.

Look, every time that I write about politics I get a lot of complaints but this one is too hard to resist. Humbly presented for your consideration are some comments on the election/recount.

I confess that despite the fact that I had a lot to do this week I could not help but look at some of the on line bulletin boards about the election.

The following is an artificial intelligence synopsis of 82.91% of the messages on these boards. What this represents is the opinion of the people. (No allowance was made for undervotes/chad.)


The actions of the past few days have shown that the people are not behind (Bush/Gore). In fact, (Bush/Gore) should concede right now. Lawyers for (Bush/Gore) presumably speak for (Bush/Gore) and show that (Bush/Gore) is incapable of leading. Besides, (Bush/Gore) did not get a majority of the vote and, therefore, (Bush/Gore) has no mandate from the people. (Republicans/Democrats) should be ashamed of themselves and (Bush/Gore). In fact, I voted for (Bush/Gore) and now wish that I hadn't.

(Bush/Gore) is supported only by special interest groups. (Bush/Gore) was, in fact, a candidate only because of the political connections of his dad. His dad should have been smart enough to make his kid stay at home in (Texas/Tennessee) and (play polo/eat quiche). When I looked at what the (Republicans/Democrats) have done in my state, I swore that I would never again vote for the (Republicans/Democrats). The (Republicans/Democrats) always take the low road and are only concerned about getting other (Republicans/Democrats) elected. (Bush/Gore) does not care what he does to the country - he just wants to be President.

(Bush/Gore) will do nothing for the homeless. Only (Bush/Gore) will come up with a sane energy policy. If (Bush/Gore) is elected we will again have trouble in Iraq. Saddam does not take (Bush/Gore) seriously.

(Bush/Gore) is trying to steal the election from (Gore/Bush) because (Bush/Gore) could not win it at the polling place. Besides, (CNN/Fox) blew it when they said that (Bush/Gore) won Florida. Just for that, I am no longer going to watch (Larry King Live/X-Files).

Every time that I see (Bush/Gore) supporters on the TV, I want to puke. The media is biased (in favor of/against) (Bush/Gore) which really confuses me.

I think that the (Bush/Gore) camp is in a panic. (Bush/Gore) has shown a lust for power and (Bush/Gore) is probably a racist. At least, that's what (Michael/Jesse) Jackson thinks. (Bush/Gore) is also anti-(gay/gun).

The decision by Sec. of State Harris was (right/wrong) as clearly dictated by Florida law. The only problem is that (Bush/Gore) does not believe in the rule of law.

If (Bush/Gore) really wants the election to be fair and accurate then he (should/shouldn't) (demand/suggest) a complete (hand/machine) recount in (all/some) of the counties in (Chad/Florida).

(Bush/Gore)'s tired, old point man (Baker/Christopher) makes no sense when he talks. He is about as smart as (Beavis/Butthead). Any (idiot/statistician) in the country can tell you that the will of the people says that (Bush/Gore) should be president. I am so sick of all of this that I am going to move to (Canada/Holland) and watch (hockey/tulips). Besides, the way e-mortgage companies have been doing in the U.S., I might do better in (Montreal/Amsterdam).

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